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Ferguson 22″ Full HD Widescreen LED TV – F2220FS


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  • 22″ Full HD widescreen LED TV
  • Built-in DVD Player
  • Built-in Freeview HD and Digital Freeview Channels
  • Satellite Tuner built in
  • HDMI input for your external devices and consoles
  • Can be wall mounted (100mm x 100mm)

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Out of stock

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In the ever-evolving world of home entertainment, the Ferguson 22 inch Full HD Widescreen LED TV, also known as the F2220FS, stands out as a promising option for those seeking a superior viewing experience. This article delves into the features and advantages that make this TV a worthy addition to your living space.

Unboxing the Ferguson 22 Full HD Widescreen LED TV

Before we explore the intricacies of the F2220FS, let’s start by unboxing this marvel. Discover what awaits you when you bring home the Ferguson 22, from the sleek design to the accessories neatly packed within the box.

Display Technology – The Brilliance of Full HD

One of the key highlights of the F2220FS is its Full HD display technology. Dive into the details of how this technology enhances the clarity, color accuracy, and overall visual experience, bringing your favorite movies and shows to life.

Size Matters – Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Space

Choosing the right TV size is crucial for an immersive viewing experience. This section guides you through the available sizes of the Ferguson 22, helping you determine the perfect fit for your living room, bedroom, or any other space.

Smart Features – Beyond Traditional Television

Explore the smart features that set the F2220FS apart from traditional televisions. From built-in streaming services to voice control options, discover how this TV adapts to the modern viewer’s preferences.

Audio Experience – Immersive Sound Quality

A stunning visual experience deserves equally impressive audio. Delve into the audio features of the F2220FS, exploring the technology that delivers crystal-clear sound and an immersive home theater experience.

Connectivity Options – Stay Connected Seamlessly

Connectivity is a key factor in today’s interconnected world. Learn about the diverse connectivity options offered by the F2220FS, ensuring that you can seamlessly connect your gaming console, streaming devices, and more.

Energy Efficiency – A Green Choice for Your Home

Beyond performance, the F2220FS also boasts energy-efficient features. Understand how this TV contributes to a greener environment while keeping your electricity bills in check.

Customer Reviews – Real-life Experiences

Real-life experiences matter. Read through customer reviews and testimonials to get insights into how the Ferguson 22 has performed in various households. Understand the pros and cons from the perspective of those who have already made the F2220FS their entertainment centerpiece.

Pros and Cons

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses. This section provides a concise overview of the pros and cons of the F2220FS, helping you make an informed decision.

Comparison with Competitors

To give you a comprehensive understanding, we compare the F2220FS with other TVs in its category. Explore how it stacks up against competitors in terms of features, performance, and value for money.

Maintenance Tips – Ensuring Longevity

Taking care of your investment is crucial. Learn practical maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of your F2220FS, from cleaning the screen to optimizing settings for optimal performance.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Discover the pricing details of the Ferguson 22 and find out where you can purchase it. Uncover any ongoing promotions or discounts that might make this TV an even more attractive option.

User Manual – Navigating the Features

Understanding the features of your new TV is essential for maximizing your enjoyment. Delve into the user manual section, providing insights on navigating the menu, adjusting settings, and making the most of the F2220FS’s capabilities.


In conclusion, the Ferguson 22 Full HD Widescreen LED TV – F2220FS, with its impressive display, smart features, and energy efficiency, emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a superior home entertainment experience. Make an informed decision and elevate your viewing pleasure with this exceptional TV.

Screen Size


Digital HD Freeview


DVD Player



Yes – record digital TV or play media files from your USB memory device

Contrast Ratio




Max Resolution

1920 x 1080


2 x 3W



Max Power


Energy Rating

‘A+ – 36 watts on working and 0.5 watt standby power consumption




HDMI, RCA Component + AUDIO Input, RCA Composite + AUDIO Input, 12-PIN VGA + AUDIO Input, RF Input, Optical Digital AUDIO Input, Coaxial Digital AUDIO Input


Analog AUDIO Output, 3.5mm Headphone Output


100mm x 100mm

Dimension w/stand

W 504 x H 342 x D 160 mm

Dimensions w/o stand

W 504 x H 299 x D 75 mm